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fixed point; modular spaces; $\rho $-nonexpansive mapping; $\rho $-normal structure; $\rho $-uniform normal structure; $\rho _r$-uniformly convex
In this paper, we extend several concepts from geometry of Banach spaces to modular spaces. With a careful generalization, we can cover all corresponding results in the former setting. Main result we prove says that if $\rho $ is a convex, $\rho $-complete modular space satisfying the Fatou property and $\rho _r$-uniformly convex for all $r>0$, C a convex, $\rho $-closed, $\rho $-bounded subset of $X_\rho $, $T:C\rightarrow C$ a $\rho $-nonexpansive mapping, then $T$ has a fixed point.
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