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Issue 3,  Volume 38, 1988 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

381-388 On closed and inductively closed images of products of metric spaces.  Klebanov, Boris S.
389-397 Dependences between definitions of finiteness.  Spišiak, Ladislav; Vojtáš, Peter
398-403 An extension theorem for continuous functions.  Holá, Ľubica
404-419 On $H$-closed graphs.  Tomasta, Pavel; Tomová, Eliška
420-424 A strong convergence in $L^p$ and upper $q$-continuous operators.  Haščák, Alexander
425-433 Some converse theorems in the asymptotic theory of ordinary differential equations.  Šimša, Jaromír
434-449 On integration in Banach spaces, VII.  Dobrakov, Ivan
450-455 The real K-ring of some CW-complexes of small dimension.  Markl, Martin
456-463 On $E_k$-rings.  Cherubini, Alessandra; Varisco, Ada
464-472 On the equality of injective and projective tensor products.  Jarchow, Hans; John, Kamil
473-478 On certain infinitesimal isometries of surfaces.  Švec, Alois
479-485 Infinitesimal rigidity of surfaces in $A^3$.  Švec, Alois
486-492 Equivalence problem for Lagrangians.  Švec, Alois
493-497 On the Pick invariant.  Švec, Alois
498-519 On the asymptotic behavior of solutions of nonlinear ordinary differential equations.  Kusano, Takaŝi; Naito, Manabu; Swanson, Charles A.
520-530 Sequential convergences in Boolean algebras.  Jakubík, Ján
531-553 Generalized Sturm-Liouville equations. II.  Fraňková, Dana; Schwabik, Štefan
554-572 Some remarks to coincidence theory.  Šeda, Valter
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