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MSC: 00A99
Bajáková, Pavla: Surfaces with constant curvatures in $\cal S^4(1)\subset S^5$. Pech, Pavel: The inequalities of space curves. Repický, Miroslav: Cardinal characteristics of the real line and boolean-valued models. Šiňajová, Edita: Representations of graphs in Euclidean space. Frolíková, Ivana: Stochastic approximation with delayed observations. Pyrih, Pavel: Fine topology and unique extension in complex plane. Růžička, Michael: Mathematical and physical theory of multipolar elasticity. Veselý, Libor: Topological properties of monotone operators and metric projections. Doupovec, Miroslav: Some natural geometric transformations of the third order. Vondra, Alexandr: Connections in the geometry of non-autonomous higher-order dynamics. Cehlárová, Katarína: Matrices in bottleneck algebra. Tlustý, Pavel: Deviations from asymptotic normality for solutions of stochastic programming problems.
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