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Issue 3,  Volume 33, 1992 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

373-381 Relative block semigroups and their arithmetical applications.  Halter-Koch, Franz
383-387 A direct factor theorem for commutative group algebras.  Ullery, William
389-401 Multipliers of Hankel transformable generalized functions.  Betancor, J. J.; Marrero, I.
403-409 Non-compact perturbations of $m$-accretive operators in general Banach spaces.  Cichoń, Mieczysław
411-425 Quadratic functionals with a variable singular end point.  Došlá, Zuzana; Zezza, PierLuigi
427-435 Existence via partial regularity for degenerate systems of variational inequalities with natural growth.  Fuchs, Martin
437-449 Evolution inclusions of the subdifferential type depending on a parameter.  Kandilakis, Dimitrios; Papageorgiou, Nikolaos S.
451-463 Ramsey-like properties for bi-Lipschitz mappings of finite metric spaces.  Matoušek, Jiří
465-475 Order continuous linear functionals on non-locally convex Orlicz spaces.  Nowak, Marian
477-484 On uniformly nonsquare points and nonsquare points of Orlicz spaces.  Wang, Tingfu; Shi, Zhongrui; Li, Yanhong
485-491 On the paracompactness of frames.  Chen, Xiangdong
493-504 $\Cal T_0$- and $\Cal T_1$-reflections.  Clementino, Maria Manuel
505-523 Lower semicontinuous functions with values in a continuous lattice.  van Gool, Frans
525-532 Cantor-connectedness revisited.  Lowen, R.
533-539 Strong shape of the Stone-Čech compactification.  Mardešić, Sibe
541-550 A duality for isotropic median algebras.  Ploščica, Miroslav
551-555 A note on splittable spaces.  Tkachuk, Vladimir V.
557-561 Strong sequences and the weight of regular spaces.  Turzański, Marian
563-569 Strong sequences, binary families and Esenin-Volpin's theorem.  Turzański, Marian
571 Announcements of new results.  Navara, Mirko
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