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Issue 4,  Volume 35, 1994 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

597-606 Quasitrivial left distributive groupoids.  El Bashir, Robert; Drápal, Aleš
607-615 Remarks on special ideals in lattices.  Beran, Ladislav
617-625 Free $\ell $-groups and free products of $\ell $-groups.  Ton, Dao-Rong
627-631 A property of $B_2$-groups.  Rangaswamy, K. M.
633-644 Systems of nonlinear delay integral equations modelling population growth in a periodic environment.  Cañada, A.; Zertiti, A.
645-652 Analytic functions are $\Cal I$-density continuous.  Ciesielski, Krzysztof; Larson, Lee
653-673 Guidance properties of a cylindrical defocusing waveguide.  John, Oldřich; Stuart, Charles A.
675-680 On the Hölder continuity of solutions of nonlinear parabolic systems.  Kalita, E.
681-689 On the approximation of entire functions over Carathéodory domains.  Kumar, D.; Kasana, H. S.
691-695 On the range of a normal Jordan $^*$-derivation.  Molnár, Lajos
697-703 A $\sigma$-porous set need not be $\sigma$-bilaterally porous.  Nájares, J.; Zajíček, L.
705-720 Galerkin approximations for nonlinear evolution inclusions.  Hu, Shouchuan; Papageorgiou, Nikolaos S.
721-734 The criteria of strongly exposed points in Orlicz spaces.  Wang, Tingfu; Ji, Donghai; Shi, Zhongrui
735-740 On a method for a-posteriori error estimation of approximate solutions to parabolic problems.  Weisz, J.
741-744 On superpositional measurability of semi-Carathéodory multifunctions.  Zygmunt, Wojciech
745-752 The smallest common extension of a sequence of models of ZFC.  Bukovský, Lev; Skřivánek, Jaroslav
753-771 $p$-sequential like properties in function spaces.  García-Ferreira, Salvador; Tamariz-Mascarúa, Angel
773-778 A metrizable completely regular ordered space.  Künzi, Hans-Peter A.; Watson, Stephen
779-788 On open light mappings.  Makuchowski, Władysław
789-794 The fixed point set of open mappings on extremally disconnected spaces.  Thümmel, Egbert
795-797 Checking positive definiteness or stability of symmetric interval matrices is NP-hard.  Rohn, Jiří
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