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Issue 3,  Volume 39, 1998 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

431-443 Quasi-balanced torsion-free groups.  Goeters, H. Pat; Ullery, William
445-452 The $\Cal L_\nu^{(\rho )}$-transformation on McBride's spaces of generalized functions.  Cruz-Báez, D. I.; Rodríguez, J.
453-468 Uniformly $\mu$-continuous topologies on Köthe-Bochner spaces and Orlicz-Bochner spaces.  Feledziak, Krzysztof
469-482 Convex functions with non-Borel set of Gâteaux differentiability points.  Holický, P.; Šmídek, M.; Zajíček, L.
483-489 On the positivity of semigroups of operators.  Lemmert, Roland; Volkmann, Peter
491-501 On closure of the pre-images of families of mappings.  Zaytsev, Oleg
503-509 On a class of $\overline{\partial}$-equations without solutions.  Hatziafratis, Telemachos
511-523 DiPerna-Majda measures and uniform integrability.  Kružík, Martin
525-544 Asymptotic analysis for a nonlinear parabolic equation on $\Bbb R$.  Fašangová, Eva
545-550 Remark to dynamic contact problems for bodies with a singular memory.  Jarušek, Jiří
551-561 Change-point estimator in gradually changing sequences.  Jarušková, Daniela
563-572 H-closed functions.  Cammaroto, Filippo; Fedorcuk, Vitaly V.; Porter, Jack R.
573-580 Homotopy properties of curves.  Charatonik, Janusz J.; Illanes, Alejandro
581-585 On the cardinality of Hausdorff spaces.  Fedeli, Alessandro
587-607 Linking the closure and orthogonality properties of perfect morphisms in a category.  Holgate, David
609-615 On the functor of order-preserving functionals.  Radul, T.
617-632 Metric-fine uniform frames.  Walters-Wayland, J. L.
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