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Issue 1,  Volume 41, 2000 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

1-7 Generalized $n$-coherence.  Jirásko, J.
9-24 Totality of product completions.  Adámek, Jiří; Sousa, Lurdes; Tholen, Walter
25-39 Universal objects in quasiconstructs.  Rother, R.
41-51 Tower extension of topological constructs.  Zhang, Dexue
53-59 Topological sequence entropy for maps of the circle.  Hric, Roman
61-78 On the continuity of the pressure for monotonic mod one transformations.  Raith, Peter
79-95 Characterizations of spreading models of $l^1$.  Kiriakouli, P.
97-106 Limit points of arithmetic means of sequences in Banach spaces.  Lávička, Roman
107-110 Boundedness of linear maps.  Rao, T. S. S. R. K.
111-122 Centered-Lindelöfness versus star-Lindelöfness.  Bonanzinga, M.; Matveev, M. V.
123-132 Smoothness and the property of Kelley.  Charatonik, Janusz J.; Charatonik, Włodzimierz J.
133-137 Induced near-homeomorphisms.  Charatonik, Włodzimierz J.
139-142 New proofs of classical insertion theorems.  Good, Chris; Stares, Ian
143-153 Strongly sequential spaces.  Mynard, Frédéric
155-173 Some results and problems about weakly pseudocompact spaces.  Okunev, Oleg; Tamariz-Mascarúa, Angel
175-178 On $n$-in-countable bases.  Peregudov, S. A.
179-181 Cohen real and disjoint refinement of perfect sets.  Repický, Miroslav
183-196 Hereditarily normal Katětov spaces and extending of usco mappings.  Shishkov, Ivailo
197-198 An improved version of a theorem concerning finite row-column exchangeable arrays.  Bassan, Bruno; Capello, Daniela; Scarsini, Marco
199-202 Zeroes of the Bergman kernel of Hartogs domains.  Engliš, Miroslav
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