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compact operator; approximation property; reflexive Banach space; projection; separability
Generalization of certain results in [Sap] and simplification of the proofs are given. We observe e.g.: Let $X$ and $Y$ be Banach spaces such that $X$ is weakly compactly generated Asplund space and $X^*$ has the approximation property (respectively $Y$ is weakly compactly generated Asplund space and $Y^*$ has the approximation property). Suppose that $L(X,Y)\neq K(X,Y)$ and let $1<\lambda<2$. Then $X$ (respectively $Y$) can be equivalently renormed so that any projection $P$ of $L(X,Y)$ onto $K(X,Y)$ has the sup-norm greater or equal to $\lambda $.
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