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two-weighted inequalities; fractional integral; weighted Lebesgue spaces; \newline weighted Lipschitz spaces; weighted BMO spaces.
In [P] we characterize the pairs of weights for which the fractional integral operator $I_{\gamma}$ of order $\gamma$ from a weighted Lebesgue space into a suitable weighted $BMO$ and Lipschitz integral space is bounded. In this paper we consider other weighted Lipschitz integral spaces that contain those defined in [P], and we obtain results on pairs of weights related to the boundedness of $I_{\gamma}$ acting from weighted Lebesgue spaces into these spaces. Also, we study the properties of those classes of weights and compare them with the classes given in [P]. Then, under additional assumptions on the weights, we obtain necessary and sufficient conditions for the boundedness of $I_{\gamma}$ between $BMO$ and Lipschitz integral spaces. For the boundedness between Lipschitz integral spaces we obtain sufficient conditions.
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