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MSC: 00A99
Krejčíř, Pavel: The theory and applications of spatial statistics and stochastic geometry. Vítek, Tomáš: Detection of changes in econometric models. Hliněný, Petr: Contact representations of graphs. Kliková, Alice: Finite volume -- finite element solution of compressible flow. Hrach, Karel: Bayesian analysis of models with non-negative residuals. Svatoš, Jan: M-estimators in the linear model for nonregular densities. Ševčík, Petr: Extremal martingale measures in finance. Hlávka, Zdeněk: Robust sequential estimation. Holub, Štěpán: Equations in free monoids. Klaschka Jan: Mathematical methods of state change assessment in medical research. Unzeitigová, Vladimíra: Mathematical models of health insurance for commercial insurance companies -- embedded value of accident insurance. Friesl, Michal: Bayesian estimation in exponent competing risks and related models with applications to insurance. Fiala, Jiří: Locally injective homomorphisms. Kaplický, Petr: Qualitative properties of solutions of systems of mechanics. Ghoneim, Sobha: Selfdistributive rings and near-rings.
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