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Issue 2,  Volume 42, 2001 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

219-236 Divisible effect algebras and interval effect algebras.  Pulmannová, Sylvia
237-245 Centralizers on semiprime rings.  Vukman, Joso
247-257 On small distances of small 2-groups.  Zhukavets, Natalia
259-266 Criteria for $k_M<\infty$ in Musielak-Orlicz spaces.  Cao, Lianying; Wang, Tingfu
267-279 Kneser-type theorem for the Darboux problem in Banach spaces.  Cichoń, Mieczysław; Kubiaczyk, Ireneusz
281-297 On inverses of $\delta$-convex mappings.  Duda, Jakub
299-309 The fixed point property in Musielak-Orlicz sequence spaces.  Thompson, H. Bevan; Cui, Yunan
311-318 On maximal functions over circular sectors with rotation invariant measures.  Aimar, H.; Forzani, L.; Naibo, V.
319-329 Non-autonomous vector integral equations with discontinuous right-hand side.  Cubiotti, Paolo
331-343 The Laplace derivative.  Svetic, R. E.
345-352 MAD families and the rationals.  Hrušák, Michael
353-355 The chromatic number of the product of two graphs is at least half the minimum of the fractional chromatic numbers of the factors.  Tardif, Claude
357-362 On clopen sets in Cartesian products.  Buzyakova, Raushan Z.
363-378 Maximal nowhere dense $P$-sets in basically disconnected spaces and $F$-spaces.  Koldunov, A. V.; Veksler, A. I.
379-384 On remote points, non-normality and $\pi$-weight $\omega_1$.  Logunov, Sergei
385-394 Almost$^*$ realcompactness.  Schommer, John J.; Swardson, Mary Anne
395-405 Almost closed sets and topologies they determine.  Tkachuk, V. V.; Yaschenko, I. V.
407-420 Abstracts of theses in mathematics.  
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