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Issue 4,  Volume 45, 2004 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

573-581 A factorization of quasiorder hypergroups.  Chajda, Ivan; Hošková, Šárka
583-590 UR Birkhoff interpolation with rectangular sets of derivatives.  Crainic, Nicolae
591-596 Note on the classification theorems of $g$-natural metrics on the tangent bundle of a Riemannian manifold $(M,g)$.  Abbassi, Mohamed Tahar Kadaoui
597-606 Preferred parameterisations on homogeneous curves.  Eastwood, Michael; Slovák, Jan
607-614 Tensor products in the category of topological vector spaces are not associative.  Glöckner, Helge
615-632 On introduction of two diffeomorphism invariant Colombeau algebras.  Jelínek, Jiří
633-662 Equality of two diffeomorphism invariant Colombeau algebras.  Jelínek, Jiří
663-679 A critical point result for non-differentiable indefinite functionals.  Marano, Salvatore A.; Motreanu, Dumitru
681-691 On a selection theorem of Blum and Swaminathan.  Yamauchi, Takamitsu
693-697 Nonreciprocal algebraic numbers of small measure.  Dubickas, Artūras
699-725 Integro-differential-difference equations associated with the Dunkl operator and entire functions.  Salem, Néjib Ben; Kallel, Samir
727-734 On the points of non-differentiability of convex functions.  Pavlica, David
735-737 On a question of E.A. Michael.  Filippov, Vladimir V.
739-741 On the existence of true uniform ultrafilters.  Simon, Petr
743-747 Aull-paracompactness and strong star-normality of subspaces in topological spaces.  Yamazaki, Kaori
749-765 On spaces with point-countable $k$-systems.  Yoshioka, Iwao
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