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MSC: 00A99
Čihák, Michael: Teaching probability at secondary schools using computers. Pavlíková, Pavla: Life and work of Miloš Kössler. Bárta, Tomáš: Integrodifferential equations in Banach spaces Beneš, Michal: Asymptotic behavior of the regular orbits of strongly continuous semigroup Pavlica, David: On convex functions, dc-functions and boundary structure of convex sets. Henclová, Alena: Duality in multistage stochastic programming and its application to arbitrage theory. Polívka, Jan: Stochastic programming approach to asset-liability management. Rychtář, Jan: Some problems in rotund renormings of Banach spaces and in operator theory. Jeřábek, Emil: Weak pigeonehole principle and randomized computation. Kupčáková, Marie: Geometry as creation. Kundrátová, Karolína: Comparative analysis of geometric software packages based on solving selected problems. Bejček, Michal: Numerical methods for solving compressible flow problems. Ernestová, Martina: Systems of algebraic equations and their solution in antiquity and the middle ages. Příhoda, Pavel: Decompositions of modules. Jarolímková, Tereza: Valuation of life insurance using diffusion model of interest rate. Fajfrová, Lucie: Equilibrium behaviour of zero range processes on binary tree. Marek, Tomáš: Random coefficient moving average models.
[1] Andjel E.D.: Invariant measures for the zero range process. Ann. Probab. 10 (1982), 525-547. MR 0659526 | Zbl 0492.60096
[2] Andjel E.D., Ferrari A.P., Guiol H., Landim C.: Convergence to the maximal invariant measure for a zero range process with random rates. Stochastic Process. Appl. 90 (2000), 67-81. MR 1787125 | Zbl 1047.60097
[3] Morris B.: Spectral gap for the zero range process with constant rate. Ann. Probab., to appear. MR 2271475 | Zbl 1111.60077
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