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Issue 1,  Volume 47, 2006 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

1-10 The maximal regular ideal of some commutative rings.  Osba, Emad Abu; Henriksen, Melvin; Alkam, Osama; Smith, F. A.
11-20 Countable chains of distributive lattices as maximal semilattice quotients of positive cones of dimension groups.  Růžička, Pavel
21-34 Medial modes and rectangular algebras.  Zamojska-Dzienio, Anna
35-46 Two weight norm inequalities for fractional one-sided maximal and integral operators.  De Rosa, Liliana
47-54 Majorization of $C_0$-semigroups in ordered Banach spaces.  Herzog, Gerd; Kunstmann, Peer Christian
175-187 Direct limit of matricially Riesz normed spaces.  Ramani, J. V.; Karn, Anil K.; Yadav, Sunil
69-94 Spaces of continuous functions, $\Sigma$-products and Box Topology.  Angoa, J.; Tamariz-Mascarúa, Á.
95-101 $G_\delta$-modification of compacta and cardinal invariants.  Arhangel'skii, A. V.
103-111 Baireness of $C_k(X)$ for ordered $X$.  Granado, Michael; Gruenhage, Gary
113-126 Topological structure of the space of lower semi-continuous functions.  Sakai, Katsuro; Uehara, Shigenori
127-140 $\Sigma $-products of paracompact Čech-scattered spaces.  Tanaka, Hidenori
141-148 How non-symmetric can a copula be?.  Klement, Erich Peter; Mesiar, Radko
149-154 On a property of neighborhood hypergraphs.  Pióro, Konrad
155-158 Another proof of Derriennic's reverse maximal inequality for the supremum of ergodic ratios.  Sato, Ryotaro
159-173 On sequent calculi for intuitionistic propositional logic.  Švejdar, Vítězslav
175-187 Abstracts of Ph.D. theses in mathematics.  
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