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Title: On the basic second kind central dispersion of $y'=q(t)y$ with an almost periodic coefficient $q$ (English)
Title: Základní centrální disperse 2. druhu rovnice $y'=q(t)y$ se skoroperiodickým koeficientem q (Czech)
Author: Staněk, Svatoslav
Language: English
Journal: Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Facultas Rerum Naturalium. Mathematica
ISSN: 0231-9721
Volume: 23
Issue: 1
Year: 1984
Pages: 39-44
Summary lang: Czech
Summary lang: Russian
Category: math
MSC: 34C10
idZBL: Zbl 0584.34025
idMR: MR837028
Date available: 2009-01-29T15:30:07Z
Last updated: 2012-05-03
Stable URL:
Reference: [1] Borůvka O.: Linear Dìfferential Transformations of the Second Order.Tһe English Univ. Press, London, 1971. Zbl 0222.34002
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Reference: [3] Xapacaxaл B. X.: Пoчmu-nepuoдичecкue peшeния oбыкнoвeнныx диффepeнциaльныx ypaвнeний.Издaтeльcтвo „Hayкa", Aлмa-Aтa, 1970.
Reference: [4] Markus L., Moore R. A.: Oscillation and disconjugacy for linear differential equations with almost periodic coefficients.Acta Math., 96, 1956, 99 - 123. Zbl 0071.08302, MR 0080813
Reference: [5] Staněk S.: On the basic central dispersion of the differential equation $y" = q(t)y$ with an almost periodic coefficient $q$.Acta Univ. Palackianae Olomucensis, F. R. N., vol. 76, mathematica XXII, 1983, 99-105. MR 0744704


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