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Title: Invariant curves from symmetry (English)
Author: Fečkan, Michal
Language: English
Journal: Mathematica Bohemica
ISSN: 0862-7959 (print)
ISSN: 2464-7136 (online)
Volume: 118
Issue: 2
Year: 1993
Pages: 171-174
Summary lang: English
Category: math
Summary: We show that certain symmetries of maps imply the existence of their invariant curves. (English)
Keyword: invariant curve
Keyword: discrete dynamical systems
MSC: 37B99
MSC: 37G15
MSC: 58F08
MSC: 58F21
idZBL: Zbl 0783.58065
idMR: MR1223483
DOI: 10.21136/MB.1993.126048
Date available: 2009-09-24T20:58:36Z
Last updated: 2020-07-29
Stable URL:
Reference: [1] G. Cicogna G. Gaeta: Periodic solutions from symmetry.Nonlinear Analysis T.M.A. 13 (1989), 475-488. MR 0993253
Reference: [2] G. Birkhoff S. Mac Lane: A Survey of Modern Algebra.The Macmillan Company, New York, 1965. MR 0177992


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