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$\omega$-limit set; fixed points
Let $M$ and $K$ be closed subsets of [0,1] with $K$ a subset of the limit points of $M$. Necessary and sufficient conditions are found for the existence of a continuous function $f:[0,1]\rightarrow [0,1]$ such that $M$ is an $\omega$-limit set for $f$ and $K$ is the set of fixed points of $f$ in $M$.
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[2] A. M. Bruckner J. Smítal: The structure of $\omega$-limit sets for continuous maps of an interval. to appear in Časopis pro Pěstování Mat. MR 1154053
[3] M. J. Evans P. D. Humke C. M. Lee, R. J. O'Malley: Characterizations of turbulent one-dimensional mappings via $\omega$-limit sets. to appear.
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