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tangent functor; natural transformations; fibrations; double vector space; double vector fibration; soldering
Our aim is to show a method of finding all natural transformations of a functor $TT^*$ into itself. We use here the terminology introduced in [4,5]. The notion of a soldered double linear morphism of soldered double vector spaces (fibrations) is defined. Differentiable maps $f:C_0\rightarrow C_0$ commuting with $TT^*$-soldered automorphisms of a double vector space $C_0=V^*\times V\times V^*$ are investigated. On the set $Z_s(C_0)$ of such mappings, appropriate partial operations are introduced. The natural transformations $TT^*\rightarrow TT^*$ are bijectively related with the elements of $Z_s((TT^*)_0\bold R^n)$.
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