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Issue 1,  Volume 6, 1998 (Communications in Mathematics)

Acta Mathematica et Informatica Universitatis Ostraviensis (1993-2003)

Proceedings of the 13th Czech and Slovak International Conference on Number Theory. Held in Ostravice, September 1--5, 1997

(3) Contents.  
5-7 List of participants.  
9-26 A self-similar tiling generated by the minimal Pisot number.  Akiyama, Shigeki; Sadahiro, Taizo
27-30 Some remarks on the discrepancy of the sequence $\bigl(\alpha\sqrt{n}\bigr)$.  Baxa, Christoph
31-35 The distribution of rational points close to a smooth manifold and Hausdorff dimension.  Bernik, V. I.; Kovalevskaya, E. I.
37-40 On completely dense sequences.  Bukor, József; Tóth, János T.
41-52 On the parity of the class number of the field $\Bbb Q(\sqrt p,\sqrt q,\sqrt r)$.  Bulant, Michal
53-57 Lower bounds for the greatest prime factor of $ax^m+by^n$.  Bugeaud, Yann
59-67 Complete solution of a family of simultaneous Pellian equations.  Dujella, Andrej
69-85 On vanishing theorems for trace forms.  Epkenhans, Martin
87-92 Extremal problems about additive bases.  Grekos, Georges
93-114 Complete solution of parametrized Thue equations.  Heuberger, C.; Pethő, A.; Tichy, R. F.
115-120 Note on the congruences $2^{p-1}\equiv 1\pmod {p^2}$, $3^{p-1}\equiv 1\pmod {p^2}$, $5^{p-1}\equiv 1\pmod {p^2}$.  Jakubec, Stanislav
121-128 Existence of and computation of integral bases.  Lamprecht, Erich
129-134 Правильные множества по заданному модулю.  Karatsuba, Anatolij A.
135-144 Definability of arithmetical operations from binary quadratic forms.  Korec, Ivan
145-148 On some modifications of two theorems of Erdős.  Kovács, Katalin
149-154 A generalization of a unit index of Greither.  Kučera, Radan
155-158 On the diophantine equation $xy+yz+zx=d$.  Louboutin, S.; Newman, M. F.
159-166 On the parity of the class numbers of real abelian fields.  Metsänkylä, Tauno
167-181 Fermat and Wilson quotients for $p$-adic integers.  Skula, Ladislav
183-190 Higher degree Harrison equivalence and Milnor $K$-functor.  Sładek, Andrzej
191-201 A characterization of tame Hilbert-symbol equivalence.  Szymiczek, Kazimierz
203-217 A generalization of Pillai's arithmetical function involving regular convolutions.  Tóth, László
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