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Let $G$ be an undirected simple connected graph, and $e=uv$ be an edge of $G$. Let $N_G(e)$ be the subgraph of $G$ induced by the set of all vertices of $G$ which are not incident to $e$ but are adjacent to $u$ or $v$. Let $\mathcal N_e$ be the class of all graphs $H$ such that, for some graph $G$, $N_G(e)\cong H$ for every edge $e$ of $G$. Zelinka [3] studied edge neighborhood graphs and obtained some special graphs in $\mathcal N_e$. Balasubramanian and Alsardary [1] obtained some other graphs in $\mathcal N_e$. In this paper we given some new graphs in $\mathcal N_e$.
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