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Issue 1,  Volume 49, 1999 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

1-12 Certain transformations $T_\omega$ and Lebesgue measurable sets of positive measure.  Pal, Mukul; Nath, Mrityunjoy
13-20 Propriétés spectrales des restrictions d’opérateurs de la classe $A$.  Benhida, Chafiq
21-33 On oscillation and asymptotic property of a class of third order differential equations.  Parhi, N.; Pardi, Seshadev
35-43 Fixed points of inequality-preserving maps in complete lattices.  Stein, J. D., Jr.
45-52 Oscillations of certain functional differential equations.  Grace, S. R.
53-62 Some general means.  Sándor, J.; Toader, Gh.
63-66 On an extension of Fekete’s lemma.  Chon, Inheung
67-80 On posets with isomorphic interval posets.  Lihová, Judita
81-96 An explicit description of the set of all normal bases generators of a finite field.  Nemoga, Karol; Schwarz, Štefan
97-110 $L^p$-discrepancy and statistical independence of sequences.  Grabner, Peter J.; Strauch, Oto; Tichy, Robert F.
111-118 Rings of maps: sequential convergence and completion.  Frič, Roman
119-125 Sequential completeness of subspaces of products of two cardinals.  Frič, Roman; Kemoto, Nobuyuki
127-133 On $L$-fuzzy ideals in semirings. II.  Neggers, J.; Jun, Young Bae; Kim, Hee Sik
135-148 On convexly isomorphic posets.  Lihová, Judita
149-161 Oscillatory and asymptotic behavior of solutions of higher order damped nonlinear difference equations.  Thandapani, E.; Arul, R.
163-173 Subdirect product decompositions of $MV$-algebras.  Jakubík, Ján
175-185 Compatible mappings of type (B) and common fixed point theorems in Saks spaces.  Pathak, H. K.; Khan, M. S.
187-190 A generalisation of a theorem of Koldunov with an elementary proof.  Ercan, Zafer
191-211 Radical classes of $MV$-algebras.  Jakubík, Ján
213-224 Hulls of mixed modules with finite quotient $p$-rank.  Mutzbauer, Otto; Toubassi, Elias
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