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barrelled spaces; generalized sequences
Let $(E_{i})_{i\in I}$ be a family of normed spaces and $\lambda $ a space of scalar generalized sequences. The $\lambda $-sum of the family $(E_{i})_{i\in I}$ of spaces is \[ \lambda \lbrace (E_{i})_{i\in I}\rbrace :=\lbrace (x_{i})_{i\in I},x_{i}\in E_{i}, \quad \text{and}\quad (\Vert x_{i}\Vert )_{i\in I}\in \lambda \rbrace . \] Starting from the topology on $\lambda $ and the norm topology on each $E_i,$ a natural topology on $\lambda \lbrace (E_i)_{i\in I}\rbrace $ can be defined. We give conditions for $\lambda \lbrace (E_i)_{i\in I}\rbrace $ to be quasi-barrelled, barrelled or locally complete.
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