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Banach spaces; asymptotically isometric copy of $\ell _p$; hereditarily $\ell _p$ Banach spaces
Let $X$ denote a specific space of the class of $X_{\alpha ,p}$ Banach sequence spaces which were constructed by Hagler and the first named author as classes of hereditarily $\ell _p$ Banach spaces. We show that for $p>1$ the Banach space $X$ contains asymptotically isometric copies of $\ell _{p}$. It is known that any member of the class is a dual space. We show that the predual of $X$ contains isometric copies of $\ell _q$ where $\frac{1}{p}+\frac{1}{q}=1$. For $p=1$ it is known that the predual of the Banach space $X$ contains asymptotically isometric copies of $c_0$. Here we give a direct proof of the known result that $X$ contains asymptotically isometric copies of $\ell _1$.
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