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lattice implication algebra; $MTL$-algebra; (prime; ultra; obstinate; Boolean) $LI$-ideal; $ILI$-ideal
A mistake concerning the ultra $LI$-ideal of a lattice implication algebra is pointed out, and some new sufficient and necessary conditions for an $LI$-ideal to be an ultra $LI$-ideal are given. Moreover, the notion of an $LI$-ideal is extended to $MTL$-algebras, the notions of a (prime, ultra, obstinate, Boolean) $LI$-ideal and an $ILI$-ideal of an $MTL$-algebra are introduced, some important examples are given, and the following notions are proved to be equivalent in $MTL$-algebra: (1) prime proper $LI$-ideal and Boolean $LI$-ideal, (2) prime proper $LI$-ideal and $ILI$-ideal, (3) proper obstinate $LI$-ideal, (4) ultra $LI$-ideal.
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