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Riemannian manifold; naturally reductive Riemannian homogeneous space; D’Atri space
The property of being a D’Atri space (i.e., a space with volume-preserving symmetries) is equivalent to the infinite number of curvature identities called the odd Ledger conditions. In particular, a Riemannian manifold $(M,g)$ satisfying the first odd Ledger condition is said to be of type $\mathcal {A}$. The classification of all 3-dimensional D’Atri spaces is well-known. All of them are locally naturally reductive. The first attempts to classify all 4-dimensional homogeneous D’Atri spaces were done in the papers by Podesta-Spiro and Bueken-Vanhecke (which are mutually complementary). The authors started with the corresponding classification of all spaces of type $\mathcal {A}$, but this classification was incomplete. Here we present the complete classification of all homogeneous spaces of type $\mathcal {A}$ in a simple and explicit form and, as a consequence, we prove correctly that all homogeneous 4-dimensional D’Atri spaces are locally naturally reductive.
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