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Issue 3,  Volume 42, 1997 (Applications of Mathematics)

161-169 A general class of entropy statistics.  Esteban, M. D.
171-193 Shape optimization of materially non-linear bodies in contact.  Haslinger, J.; Mäkinen, R. A. E.
195-212 A remark on polyconvex envelopes of radially symmetric functions in dimension $2\times 2$.  Došlý, Ondřej
213-232 A study of bending waves in infinite and anisotropic plates.  Lindblom, Ove; Näslund, Reinhold; Persson, Lars-Erik; Fällström, Karl-Evert
233-242 On equilibrium finite elements in three-dimensional case.  Korotov, Sergey
243-244 Book Reviews.  
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