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Issue 2,  Volume 50, 2009 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

165-179 On Butler $B(2)$-groups decomposing over two base elements.  De Vivo, Clorinda; Metelli, Claudia
181-190 Bounded expansion in web graphs.  Gago, Silvia; Schlatter, Dirk
191-208 Radical decompositions of semiheaps.  Hawthorn, Ian; Stokes, Tim
209-219 The fixed points and iterated order of some differential polynomials.  Belaidi, Benharrat
221-243 Hausdorff and packing dimensions for ergodic invariant measures of two-dimensional Lorenz transformations.  Hofbauer, Franz
245-264 On the sign of Colombeau functions and applications to conservation laws.  Jelínek, Jiří; Pražák, Dalibor
265-272 Normal bivariate Birkhoff interpolation schemes and Pell equation.  Crainic, Marius; Crainic, Nicolae
273-279 The Baire property in remainders of topological groups and other results.  Arhangel'skii, Alexander
281-295 More on cardinal invariants of analytic $P$-ideals.  Farkas, Barnabás; Soukup, Lajos
297-314 Lattices of Scott-closed sets.  Ho, Weng Kin; Zhao, Dongsheng
315-320 Interpolation of $\kappa$-compactness and PCF.  Juhász, István; Szentmiklóssy, Zoltán
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