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holomorphic function; holomorphic continuation; pluripolar set; pseudoconcave set; Jacobi-Hartogs series
Let $D^{\prime } \subset \mathbb{C}^{n-1}$ be a bounded domain of Lyapunov and $f(z^{\prime },z_n)$ a holomorphic function in the cylinder $D=D^{\prime }\times U_n$ and continuous on $\bar{D}$. If for each fixed $a^{\prime }$ in some set $E\subset \partial D^{\prime }$, with positive Lebesgue measure $\text{mes}\,E>0$, the function $f(a^{\prime },z_n)$ of $z_n$ can be continued to a function holomorphic on the whole plane with the exception of some finite number (polar set) of singularities, then $f(z^{\prime },z_n)$ can be holomorphically continued to $(D^{\prime }\times \mathbb{C})\setminus S$, where $S$ is some analytic (closed pluripolar) subset of $D^{\prime }\times \mathbb{C}$.
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