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vulnerability; integrity; neighbor-integrity
Let $G$ be a graph. A vertex subversion strategy of $G$, say $S$, is a set of vertices in $G$ whose closed neighborhood is removed from $G$. The survival-subgraph is denoted by $G/S$. The Neighbor-Integrity of $G$, $\mathop {\mathrm NI}(G)$, is defined to be $\mathop {\mathrm NI}(G) = \min _{S\subseteq V(G)} \lbrace |S|+c(G/S)\rbrace $, where $S$ is any vertex subversion strategy of $G$, and $c(G/S)$ is the maximum order of the components of $G/S$. In this paper we give some results connecting the neighbor-integrity and binary graph operations.
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