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Title: Shape optimization of elasto-plastic bodies (English)
Author: Dimitrovová, Zuzana
Language: English
Journal: Applications of Mathematics
ISSN: 0862-7940
Volume: 46
Issue: 2
Year: 2001
Pages: 81-101
Summary lang: English
Category: math
Summary: Existence of an optimal shape of a deformable body made from a physically nonlinear material obeying a specific nonlinear generalized Hooke’s law (in fact, the so called deformation theory of plasticity is invoked in this case) is proved. Approximation of the problem by finite elements is also discussed. (English)
Keyword: mixed boundary value problem
Keyword: deformation theory of plasticity
Keyword: shape optimization
Keyword: cost functional
Keyword: finite elements
MSC: 46E35
MSC: 46N10
MSC: 49N10
MSC: 49Q10
MSC: 65N30
MSC: 74C05
MSC: 74P10
idZBL: Zbl 1061.49027
idMR: MR1818080
DOI: 10.1023/A:1013731705302
Date available: 2009-09-22T18:06:02Z
Last updated: 2015-05-19
Stable URL:
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