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Issue 4,  Volume 9, 1973 (Kybernetika)

(231)-236 On star height hierarchies of context-free languages.  Gruska, Jozef
(237)-241 A connection between controlled Markov chains and martingales.  Mandl, Petr
(242)-250 On some properties of estimators of a probability density.  Mirzachmedov, M. A.; Chashimov, Sh. A.
(251)-271 Automatic listing of important observational statements. II.  Hájek, Petr
(272)-290 SMAL - The symbol manipulation language.  Chovanec, Ján; Chudá, Ada; Kostolanský, Eduard; Ondruš, Dušan
(291)-312 Algebraic theory of discrete optimal control for single-variable systems. III. Closed-Loop Control.  Kučera, Vladimír
(313)-329 Periodical coefficient linear systems with random stationary input.  Kracík, Vladimír
(330)-337 An axiomatic characterization of generalized directed-divergence.  Kannappan, PL.; Rathie, P. N.
338-340 Nové knihy.  
341-342 News.  
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