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Issue 3,  Volume 14, 1978 (Kybernetika)

(143)-173 A stochastic approach to robot plan formation.  Havel, Ivan M.; Kramosil, Ivan
(174)-181 Functional equations and information measures with preference.  Aggarwal, N. L.; Picard, C. F.
(182)-188 On the numerical solution of optimal control problems with constraints.  Doležal, Jaroslav; Fidler, Jiří
(189)-205 On the evaluation of properties of the sequential probability ratio test for statistically dependent observations.  Vrana, Ivan; El-Hefnawi, Mohamed Mahmoud
(206)-220 Nonlinear estimators of polynomials in mean values of a Gaussian stochastic process.  Štulajter, František
221-224 Nové knihy.  
225-226 Zprávy.  
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