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Issue 2,  Volume 23, 1987 (Kybernetika)

89-103 On adaptive control of Markov processes.  Mandl, Petr; Romera Ayllón, M. Rosario
104-123 Hellinger integrals, contiguity and entire separation.  Liese, Friedrich
124-135 Asymptotic behaviour of empirical multiinformation.  Studený, Milan
136-142 Estimating interactions in binary lattice data with nearest-neighbor property.  Janžura, Martin
143-153 Selftuning LQ controllers with prespecified state.  Kárný, Miroslav; Halousková, Alena
154-174 Dynamic time parametrization of manipulator trajectories.  Valášek, Michael
175-176 New Books.  
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