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Issue 2,  Volume 26, 1990 (Kybernetika)

89-106 Computation of irreducible generalized state-space realizations.  Varga, Andras
107-121 Contribution to prior tuning of LQG selftuners.  Kárný, Miroslav; Jeníček, Tomáš; Ottenheimer, Werner
122-133 The uncertainty problem in control theory. II. The internally robust procedures.  Štěpán, Jaromír
134-154 On the syntactico-semantical completeness of first-order fuzzy logic. II. Main results.  Novák, Vilém
155-164 Estimation of a centrality parameter and random sampling time schemes. II. Applications.  Deniau, Claude; Oppenheim, Georges; Viano, Marie-Claude
165-166 New books.  
167-168 News.  
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