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Issue 4,  Volume 27, 1991 (Kybernetika)

Special issue: System Structure and Control. II

281 Special issue: System Structure and Control. II.  Kučera, Vladimír
282-288 On the nature of descriptor systems.  Nieuwenhuis, J. W.; Willems, Jan C.
289-305 Feedback canonical forms of singular systems.  Loiseau, Jean J.; Özçaldiran, Kadri; Malabre, Michel; Karcanias, Nicos
306-316 Decoupling in nonlinear singular systems with applications in autonomous vehicles.  Christodoulou, Manolis A.
317-332 An approach for pole assignment by gain output feedback in square singular systems.  Ailon, A.
333-344 A structural analysis of the pole shifting problem.  Şefik, Ayla; Sezer, Mesut Erol
345-361 Block decoupling invariants: Geometric and transfer matrix characterizations.  Commault, Christian; Descusse, Jacques; Dion, Jean-Michel; Torres, J. A.
362-370 Parametrization of observer based compensators in the frequency domain.  Hippe, Peter
371-383 Finite settling time stabilisation of a family of discrete-time systems.  Karcanias, Nicos; Milonidis, E.
384-392 Eigenvalue assignment via state observer for descriptor systems.  Blanchini, Franco
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