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Issue 2,  Volume 30, 1994 (Kybernetika)

105-120 Interpretations of the gap topology: A survey.  de Does, Jesse; Schumacher, J. M.
121-128 Bifurcations and chaos in a periodically forced prototype adaptive control system.  Kuznetsov, Yuri A.; Piccardi, Carlo
129-140 Exact modelling of scalar 2D arrays.  Zampieri, Sandro
141-152 Stability of the feedback linearization of bilinear plants with bounded inputs.  Del Re, L.; Guzzella, L.
153-158 Dynamics assignment by PD state feedback in linear reachable systems.  Zagalak, Petr; Kučera, Vladimír; Loiseau, Jean-Jacques
159-176 The current approaches in pattern recognition.  Kepka, Jiří
177-186 Syntactic complexity of regulated rewriting.  Meduna, Alexander; Crooks, Cynthia J.; Šárek, Milan
187-198 Second-order approximation of the entropy in nonlinear least-squares estimation.  Pronzato, Luc; Pázman, Andrej
199-210 On Hodges-Lehmann optimality of LR tests.  Rublík, František
211 Book reviews.  
212 News.  
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