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Issue 6,  Volume 31, 1995 (Kybernetika)

Special issue: New directions in control & automation

529 Special issue: New directions in control & automation.  Kučera, Vladimír; Karcanias, Nicos
530-540 Properties of reachability and almost reachability subspaces of implicit systems: The extension problem.  Eliopoulou, Helen; Karcanias, Nicos
541-546 Regional pole placement.  Kučera, Vladimír; Kraus, František J.
547-557 A classification of generalised state space reduction methods for linear multivariable systems.  Karampetakis, N. P.; Vardulakis, A. I. G.; Pugh, A. C.
559-580 Controllability indices of linear systems with delays.  Sename, Olivier; Lafay, Jean-François; Rabah, Rabah
581-590 Observability of saturated systems with an offset.  Hautus, M. L. J.
591-599 Exact decomposition of linear singularly perturbed $H^{\infty}$-optimal control problem.  Fridman, Emilia
601-611 Singular finite horizon full information $\cal H^\infty$ control via reduced order Riccati equations.  Amato, Francesco; Pironti, Alfredo
613-621 The matching problem for behavioral systems.  Conte, G.; Perdon, Anna M.
623-636 New bounds for robust stability of continuous and discrete-time systems under parametric uncertainty.  Konstantopoulos, Ioannis K.; Antsaklis, Panos J.
637-648 Robust eigenvalue assignment by periodic feedback.  Longhi, Sauro; Zulli, Romolo
649-655 On obtaining the time-invariant associated system of a periodic system through system equivalence.  Grasselli, Osvaldo Maria; Longhi, Sauro; Tornambè, Antonio
657-668 Numerically generated path stabilizing controllers: Use of preliminary feedback.  von Wissel, D.; Nikoukhah, R.; Delebecque, F.; Campbell, S. L.
669-681 Disturbance rejection by proportional and derivative output feedback.  Bonilla E., M.; Malabre, M.; Cheang W., J. A.
683-684 News.  
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