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Issue 6,  Volume 32, 1996 (Kybernetika)

Special issue: New directions in control and automation. I

525 Special issue: New directions in control and automation. I.  Kučera, Vladimír
526-542 Computational methods for estimation in the modeling of nonlinear elastomers.  Banks, H. T.; Lybeck, N. J.; Gaitens, M. J.; Muñoz, B. C.; Yanyo, L. C.
543-556 Estimation of discontinuous parameters in general nonautonomous parabolic systems.  Ackleh, Azmy S.; Fitzpatrick, Ben G.
557-574 Optimum damping design for an abstract wave equation.  Fahroo, Fariba; Ito, Kazufumi
575-590 Balancing of systems with periodic jumps.  Aripirala, Ravi; Syrmos, Vassilis L.
591-600 Controllability of retarded dynamical systems.  Klamka, Jerzy
601-614 Explicit conditions for ripple-free dead-beat control.  Karybakas, Constantine A.; Barbargires, Constantine A.
615-624 The invariant polynomial assignment problem for linear periodic discrete-time systems.  Jetto, Leopoldo; Longhi, Sauro
625-644 On the analysis of periodic linear systems.  Tornambè, Antonio
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