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Issue 6,  Volume 33, 1997 (Kybernetika)

Special issue on econometrics and operational research

581-582 Special issue on econometrics and operational research.  Maňas, Miroslav
583-606 A dynamic factor model for economic time series.  Fernández-Macho, Francisco Javier
607-631 Estimation and testing of cointegration relationships with strongly seasonal monthly data.  Caminero, Emilio; Díaz-Emparanza, Ignacio
633-648 A dynamic model of advertising competition: an empirical analysis of feedback strategies.  Mariel, Petr
649-657 Models of inflation.  Pánková, Václava
659-673 On estimating the yield and volatility curves.  Dupačová, Jitka; Abaffy, Jozsef; Bertocchi, Marida; Hušková, Marie
675-686 Optimal starting times for a class of single machine scheduling problems with earliness and tardiness penalties.  Vlach, Milan; Zimmermann, Karel
687-694 Heuristic solving a bicriteria parallel-machine scheduling problem.  Fiala, Petr
695-698 Aggregation of networks.  Pelikán, Jan
699-701 Book reviews.  
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