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Issue 3,  Volume 35, 1999 (Kybernetika)

[265]-280 Inference about stationary distributions of Markov chains based on divergences with observed frequencies.  Menéndez, María Luisa; Morales, Domingo; Pardo, Leandro; Vajda, Igor
[281]-308 Contiguity and LAN-property of sequences of Poisson processes.  Liese, Friedrich; Lorz, Udo
[309]-332 Exponential rates for the error probabilities in selection procedures.  Liese, Friedrich; Miescke, Klaus J.
[333]-352 The Rényi distances of Gaussian measures.  Michálek, Jiří
[353]-366 On the concept of the asymptotic Rényi distances for random fields.  Janžura, Martin
[367]-381 Two dimensional probabilities with a given conditional structure.  Štěpán, Josef; Hlubinka, Daniel
[383]-389 Extrapolations in non-linear autoregressive processes.  Anděl, Jiří; Dupač, Václav
[391]-392 Book reviews.  
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