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Issue 1,  Volume 41, 2005 (Kybernetika)

[1]-14 Robust pole placement for second-order systems: an LMI approach.  Henrion, Didier; Šebek, Michael; Kučera, Vladimír
[15]-32 The technique of splitting operators in perturbation control theory.  Konstantinov, Mihail M.; Petkov, Petko Hr.; Christov, Nicolai D.
[33]-45 Closed-loop structure of decouplable linear multivariable systems.  Ruiz-León, Javier; Orozco, Jorge Luis; Begovich, Ofelia
[47]-58 Some remarks on the problem of model matching by state feedback.  Torres-Muñoz, J. A.; Zagalak, Petr; Duarte-Mermoud, Manuel A.
[59]-74 Non-linear observer design method based on dissipation normal form.  Černý, Václav; Hrušák, Josef
[75]-84 A feedforward compensation scheme for perfect decoupling of measurable input functions.  Marro, Giovanni; Ntogramatzidis, Lorenzo
[85]-96 Self-bounded controlled invariant subspaces in measurable signal decoupling with stability: minimal-order feedforward solution.  Zattoni, Elena
[97]-112 Fast evaluation of thin-plate splines on fine square grids.  Luner, Petr; Flusser, Jan
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