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Issue 4,  Volume 126, 2001 (Mathematica Bohemica)

669-690 Essential norms of the Neumann operator of the arithmetical mean.  Král, Josef; Medková, Dagmar
691-710 Examples from the calculus of variations. IV. Concluding review.  Chrastina, Jan
711-720 The forcing dimension of a graph.  Chartrand, Gary; Zhang, Ping
721-736 Quasi-modal algebras.  Celani, Sergio
737-744 Congruence lattices of finite chains with endomorphisms.  Ježek, Jaroslav; Slavík, Václav
745-777 Operator-valued functions of bounded semivariation and convolutions.  Schwabik, Štefan
779-786 On multifunctions with closed graphs.  Holý, D.
787-796 Book reviews.  
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