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Issue 2,  Volume 29, 1979 (Mathematica Slovaca)

97-106 Transitive planar graphs.  Fleischner, Herbert; Imrich, Wilfried
107-115 Pseudoprojective modules.  Bican, Ladislav; Jambor, Pavel; Kepka, Tomáš; Němec, Petr
117-130 Sequential Cauchy spaces.  Irwin, James M.; Kent, Darrell C.
131-139 Remark on partially ordered sets, universal algebras and semigroups.  Šulka, Robert
141-155 Integral with respect to a pre-measure.  Šipoš, Ján
157-158 A note on categories of partial algebras.  Žembery, Ivan
159-167 Fundamental vector fields on type fibres of jet prolongations of tensor bundles.  Krupka, Demeter
169-176 Classification and extension by the transfinite induction.  Šabo, Michal
177-180 A note on restricted measurability.  Horáková, Galina; Šipoš, Ján
181-196 Partially directed Moore graphs.  Bosák, Juraj
197 Book Reviews.  
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