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Issue 3,  Volume 35, 1985 (Mathematica Slovaca)

217-222 The inverse problem of the calculus of variations for Finsler structures.  Krupka, Demeter; Sattarov, Abdurasoul Ezbekhovich
223-228 Centers and centroids of unicyclic graphs.  Truszczyński, Mirosław
229-232 Graph isomorphisms of semimodular lattices.  Jakubík, Ján
233-237 Disjoint covering systems and product-invariant relations.  Korec, Ivan
239-241 On the tripartite conjecture.  Beka, Ján
243-249 Prolongation of natural bundles.  Dekrét, Anton
251-261 A construction of geodetic blocks.  Híc, Pavol
263-266 Poproduct decomposition of a lattice.  Ladzianska, Zuzana
267-275 On the convergence and absolute continuity of signed states on a logic.  Palko, Vladimír
277-282 On the structure function of a $G$-structure.  Kolář, Ivan; Vadovičová, Iveta
283-294 Constant ratio-function of Lindenmayer systems.  Kráľová, Mária
295-303 Oscillations of differential equation with retarded argument.  Mihalíková, Božena; Šoltés, Pavel
305-309 Periodic boundary value problem for certain nonlinear differential equations of the third order.  Andres, Jan
310 Book Reviews.  
311 Profesor Anton Huťa sedemdesiatročný.  Dávid, Arnold; Plesník, Ján
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