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Issue 5,  Volume 42, 1992 (Mathematica Slovaca)

517-529 On Golomb birulers and their applications.  Gropp, Harald
531-545 A coin tossing algorithm for counting large numbers of events.  Kirschenhofer, Peter; Prodinger, Helmut
547-563 The $3x+1$ problem, generalized Pascal triangles and cellular automata.  Korec, Ivan
565-582 Lower bounds for perfect rational cuboids.  Korec, Ivan
583-591 Some Diophantine approximation results concerning linear recurrences.  Jones, James P.; Kiss, Péter
593-614 Covering densities.  Paštéka, Milan
615-619 Metric results on a new notion of discrepancy.  Grabner, Peter J.
621-639 Polynomials of the form $g(x\sp k)$ and pseudoprimes with respect to linear recurring sequences.  Marko, František
641-661 Non-unique factorizations in block semigroups and arithmetical applications.  Geroldinger, A.; Halter-Koch, Franz
663-676 Witt equivalence of cyclotomic fields.  Kučera, Radan; Szymiczek, Kazimierz
677-684 A note on normal bases of ideals.  Jakubec, Stanislav; Kostra, Juraj
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