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Issue 1,  Volume 43, 1993 (Mathematica Slovaca)

1-10 Entropy of complete fuzzy partitions.  Markechová, Dagmar
11-20 Centers in line graphs.  Knor, Martin; Niepel, Ľudovít; Šoltés, Ľubomír
21-29 On isometries in partially ordered groups.  Jasem, Milan
31-37 On reciprocal sums of terms of linear recurrences.  Hančl, Jaroslav; Kiss, Peter
39-43 On a certain type of functional differential equations.  Fečkan, Michal
45-68 The orthogonality in affine parallel structure.  Lettrich, Jaroslav
69-75 Quasicontinuous selections for compact-valued multifunctions.  Kupka, Ivan
77-87 A property of connections of mechanical systems of higher order.  Dekrét, Anton
89-103 Compatibility problem in quasi-orthocomplemented posets.  Chovanec, Ferdinand
105-110 Book Reviews.  
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