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Issue 5,  Volume 44, 1994 (Mathematica Slovaca)

491-500 The complexity of uniform distribution.  Goldstern, Martin
501-504 On full cover property of ordered fields.  Šalát, Tibor
505-514 Remarks on maximum and minimum exponents in factoring.  Schinzel, Andrzej; Šalát, Tibor
515-524 Measure density of some sets.  Paštéka, Milan
525-529 Pure powers and power classes in recurrence sequences.  Kiss, Péter
531-554 Structures related to Pascal's triangle modulo $2$ and their elementary theories.  Korec, Ivan
555-568 Identities involving covering systems. II.  Porubský, Štefan
569-574 Approximate counting via Euler transform.  Prodinger, Helmut
575-583 Evaluation of two trigonometric sums.  Williams, Kenneth S.; Nan-Yue, Zhang
585-593 The two parameter ellipse problem.  Kuba, Gerald
595-599 Diophantine inequalities in imaginary quadratic number fields.  Tichy, Robert Franz
601-632 $L\sp 2$ discrepancy.  Strauch, Oto
633-649 Нули арифметических рядов Дирихле.  Karatsuba, Anatoliĭ Alekseevich
651-661 On divisibility of $h\sp +$ by the prime $5$.  Jakubec, Stanislav
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