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Issue 3,  Volume 45, 1995 (Mathematica Slovaca)

219-226 Some combinatorial properties of conics in the Hjelmslev plane.  Jurga, Rastislav
227-233 Two-radially maximal graphs with special centers.  Gliviak, Ferdinand; Knor, Martin; Šoltés, Ľubomír
235-242 On longest circuits in certain non-regular planar graphs.  Tkáč, Michal
243-249 Note on Ramsey numbers and self-complementary graphs.  Rödl, Vojtěch; Šiňajová, Edita
251-254 Some modifications of the congruence extension property.  Chajda, Ivan
255-261 On a measurable set.  Pal, Mukul; Nath, Mrityunjoy
263-268 Oscillation of second order differential equations with advanced argument.  Džurina, Jozef
269-273 Statistical convergence of sequences of fuzzy numbers.  Nuray, Fatih; Savaş, Ekrem
275-280 Some sequence spaces defined by a modulus.  Pehlivan, Serpil; Fisher, Brian
281-285 Formes positives dans les ${\rm BP}^\ast$-algèbres.  El Azhari, M.
287-307 Linear statistical models with constraints revisited.  Kubáček, Lubomír
309-315 On Stone-type extensions for group-valued measures.  Boccuto, Antonio
317 Errata to the paper: ``Remarks on maximum and minimum exponents in factoring'.  Schinzel, Andrzej; Šalát, Tibor
321-324 80th birthday of Professor Anton Huťa.  Valková, Anna
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