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Issue 1,  Volume 46, 1996 (Mathematica Slovaca)

1-7 Generalization of Železník's theorem on embeddings of tensor products of graphs.  Dakić, Tamara
9-19 Edge and vertex operations on upper embeddable graphs.  Fu, Hung-Lin; Tsai, Ming-Chun
21-31 Observability of a graph.  Černý, Ján; Horňák, Mirko; Soták, Roman
33-39 Eigenvalues and domination in graphs.  Brand, Clemens; Seifter, Norbert
41-52 Integration of real functions with respect to a $oplus$-measure.  Kolesárová, Anna
53-62 On compact group-valued measures.  Volauf, Peter
63-70 Comparison and oscillation theorems for second order differential equations.  Šoltés, Vincent
71-82 On a family of weighted spaces.  Fischer, R. H.; Gürkanli, A. T.; Liu, T. S.
83-100 Local properties of stably complex $G$-actions.  Pawałowski, Krzysztof
101-110 A matrix with an application to the motion of an absorbing Markov chain. I.  El-Shehawey, Mohamed A.; Trabya, A. M.
111-126 Quadratic regression models.  Kubáček, Lubomír
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