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Issue 2-3,  Volume 46, 1996 (Mathematica Slovaca)

129-141 Seventy years of Professor Tibor Šalát.  Kostyrko, Pavel; Strauch, Oto
143-155 Valuations and distance functions on directed multilattices.  Lihová, Judita
157-164 $\ast$-median.  Šmarda, Bohumil
165-171 Multiplicative functions satisfying the equation $f(m\sp 2+n\sp 2)=f(m\sp 2)+f(n\sp 2)$.  Chung, Pham Van
173-176 A note on pseudoprimes with respect to abelian linear recurring sequence.  Marko, František
177-179 Transcendental sequences.  Hančl, Jaroslav
181-202 О некоторых бесконечных классах итерационных дзета-функций.  Moser, Jan
203-211 On almost continuous additive functions.  Grande, Zbigniew
213-230 On estimates of functionals in some classes of functions with positive real part.  Fuka, Jaroslav; Jakubowski, Zbigniew Jerzy
231-238 Интегральная оценка обобщенного из класса $L\sb 2$ решения первой краевой задачи для уравнения теплопроводности.  Barnovská, Mária; Govorov, V. M.
239-243 On convergence preserving transformations of infinite series.  Kostyrko, Pavel
245-253 Generalized almost convergence and Knopp's core theorem.  Mursaleen, Z. U. Ahmad; Khan, Q. A.
255-259 A comparison theorem for weighted mean and Cesàro methods.  Rhoades, Billy E.
261-268 Maxima and minima of simply continuous and quasicontinuous functions.  Borsík, Ján
269-277 Intermediate value property and functional connectedness of multivalued maps.  Czarnowska, Joanna
279-284 Almost quasicontinuity of multivalued maps on product spaces.  Ewert, Janina
285-289 Note on a local invertibility.  Fečkan, Michal
291-292 Seventy Years of Professor Jaroslav Kurzweil.  Brunovský, Pavol
293-296 Book Reviews.  
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